How to Save Money when Furniture Shopping 

Furniture is one of the most marked up items people purchase. There are certainly ways to get the pricing on furniture down, especially if paying with cash. Many articles out there give the recommendation to buy used furniture to save money. While this is a great option, sometimes you may prefer to buy new. If that is the case, this article is for you! Below are the six steps our family took to save over $1000 on our latest furniture purchase. 


(1) Ask for a discount.

If you will be paying with cash or taking a floor model, your chances of getting a discount are much higher. It’s never going to hurt to ask, however. Always ask if there are any current promotions or if there is any discount they can apply to your order. Don’t be afraid to hear the word “no” and also don’t be afraid to walk away if the price is not right for you.


(2) Shop for Furniture During Big Discount Seasons.

Choosing to shop for new furniture during the big discount seasons is going to yield the best deals. Provided that furniture stores generally prepare for new stock in fall and spring, the late summer and winter months are going to be good times to look for discounted furniture. Think months like January, February, August and September. As for holidays, be especially sure to check President’s Day and Labor Day ads for some good promotions.


(3) Skip the Extended Warranty.

While extended warranties may sound enticing, they aren’t always worth the additional cost. If you don’t have pets or small children, it may be worthwhile to bypass the extended warranty. Many times, the company that would be performing any warranty work is not even in relation to the furniture store you are buying your piece of furniture from. It’s important to know this because you should understand that you would be dealing with a separate company should you decide to purchase an extended warranty. In addition, most manufacturers come with a warranty of their own. Be sure to ask your salesperson as most times the extended warranty is going to work in conjunction with the manufacturer’s warranty.


(4) Avoid the Package Deals.

Package deals can look wonderful on paper because who wouldn’t like to complete their living room in one smooth transaction? You have to ask yourself though, “Do I really need all this furniture for my home?” If the answer is no, then skip buying into the package deal. If you don’t need three new tables and two lamps, then why pay anything for them? Purchase what is necessary for your home, not just what appears to be the best deal. Also, keep in mind the quality of the pieces you are purchasing. In our past experiences, those that were sold as “sets” tended to be of lower quality. So be sure to check out the craftsmanship because the last thing you want to do is replace furniture in just a couple years.


(5) Shop around Online.

This one is a no-brainer, but I figured it deserved a spot on this list in case anyone forgets. Always be sure to do your research online to ensure you are getting the best deal possible. Furniture stores may have a price match guarantee that you can take advantage of. Sometimes it is a straight match and sometimes you may be able to get even more off your purchase! If they don’t have a price match guarantee or are unwilling to budge on their cost, consider visiting the store you found online with the lesser cost.


(6) Bargain on the Delivery Cost.

If you need your furniture delivered to your home, try bargaining on the delivery cost. Sometimes while they may not discount your delivery cost exact, they could end up giving you an additional discount towards your purchase. So if the delivery would have cost you $100, they may just give you $100 off your furniture. It is always worth a shot!


Furniture shopping, while fun in theory, is not always fun when it comes to the negotiations. The first time we purchased our first pieces of furniture, we did not negotiate anything. Don’t be those people! This last time around, we did take the steps above and saved our family over $1000 by shopping at the right time and negotiating. Let me know in the comments section if you have any other tips or tricks on how you have saved money on your furniture.

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