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THE Complete 140+ Page Home Binder to Organize your Home and Life. Everything from Finance Management to Cleaning Schedules and Upkeep are covered in this Printable Binder.

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Are you ready to live intentionally and proactively? 

This 140+ page home binder was designed to help take the “oh crap” moments out of your everyday life. By planning, organizing and maintaining a proactive schedule, your home, life, mind and body will become clearer and cleaner.

Why a Home Binder?

The Home Binder was created out of pure necessity. Being disorganized and unprepared is exhausting, messy and sometimes downright embarrassing.

You see, I’ve always loved creating manuals for jobs I held. But never took the time to build one for the place we call home.

That is, until we had a small incident that resulted in the fire department showing up at our home. There is nothing quite like surprise guests and a disastrous house to send you into instant panic mode.

While we tried our best to throw laundry here, put dishes there and hide packages wherever, there was simply no helping us on that day. And this was when I officially said enough was enough.

It was time to start organizing our home, mind and life.

The first thing we tackled was dinners. After creating our weekly meals template and implementing it, I couldn’t believe how well it worked. I was hooked!

I began creating template after template, until it led to the home binder you see today. It has helped our family so I was sure there were others that could benefit, as well.

My goal is to help families live a more intentional, less chaotic lifestyle. Are you in?

What’s Inlcuded

The Home Binder is quite extensive and ever growing. To see a detailed list of all templates included, check out the below.  



  • Things to do Template
  • Seasonal Maintenance Schedules for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter
  • Blank Seasonal Maintenance Schedules, to create your own x4
  • Password Log Template
  • Movies to Watch List
  • Books to Read List
  • Projects to Do Template
  • Project Inspiration Template
  • Project Planner
  • Project Budget Template
  • Example Auto Maintenance Schedule
  • Vehicle Maintenance Template x3
  • Notes Template

Meal Planning


  • Family Dinners Template
  • Weekly Menu Template
  • Grocery Lists
  • Grocery List by Category
  • Recipe Sheet Templates – 2 versions
  • Recipes to Try Template
  • Favorite Recipes List
  • Favorite Restaurants List
  • Freezer Inventory Checklist
  • Refrigerator Inventory Checklist
  • Pantry Inventory Checklist
  • Weekly Food Diary


  • Cleaning to Do Template
  • Daily Cleaning Checklist + Blank 
  • Weekly Cleaning Checklist + Blank
  • Monthly Cleaning Checklist + Blank
  • 15-Minute Quick Pickup Checklist 
  • 30-Minute Quick Pickup Checklist 
  • Spring Cleaning (3 pages)
  • Young Children’s Chore Chart – 2 colors 
  • Icons for Young Children’s Chore Chart
  • School-Age Chore Chart
  • Family Chore Charts – 2 versions 


  • House Expenses Template
  • Debt Overview Template 
  • Debt Tracker
  • Bill Pay Tracker
  • Monthly Budget 
  • Daily Expense Log
  • Savings Tracker 
  • Savings Log
  • Donations Log


  • Personal Information – 3 versions
  • Family Sizes & Favorite Brands
  • Emergency Info (for babysitters)
  • Babysitter Information 
  • Pet Sitter Information 
  • House Sitter Information
  • Family Emergency Plan

School Information


  • School Information Template
  • School Schedule Template
  • Classmates Contact Information Template
  • Reading Tracker



  • Insurance Information
  • Medication Information
  • Family Medication
  • Vaccine Accronyms 
  • Immuninzations Tracker
  • Blood Pressure Tracker – 2 versions
  • Pet Vaccine Tracker
  • Pet Health
  • Pet Medication – 2 pages 



  • Weekly Workout Schedule Template
  • Weight Progress Template
  • Body Measurements Template
  • Exercise Log



  • Travel Wishlist
  • Planning Template
  • Packing Checklist – 2 pages

Contacts & Phone Book


  • Important Contacts
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Phone Book Page (space up top to enter letter)

Holiday & Important Dates


  • Christmas Gift Guide Template
  • Valentines Gift Guide Template
  • Easter Gift Guide Template
  • Parent’s Day Gift Guide Template 
  • Important Dates and Birthdays 
  • Birthday Gift Tracker – 12 pages 
  • 2020 Calendar – 12 pages 



  • Weekly Goals 
  • Daily Goals


how long can i access the home binder?

Once you purchase it, it is yours forever! This includes ALL future updates (there is a big one coming at the end of April 2020 wink).

is my purchase secure?

You bet! I worked many years in the financial industry so security is a top priority. I utilize the robust servers of Shopify for all purchases.

Can I Share the home binder file?

You are welcome to share the home binder with family within the same household. Redistributing the file otherwise is prohibited. 

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of this product (digital download), refunds are not accepted. But if you have any difficulties, simply email me and I’ll be happy to help. 

will a physical item be shipped to me?

The Home Binder is a letter size electronic digital file. No physical item will be shipped.

How can i print my templates?

You may either print your templates at home or at any commercial printing shop. The choice is yours. 

Ready to create a more organized home?

No thank you. I’m not interested. 

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