Free Printables

I love to share printables that I have created for our family. Here is a list of all of my current freebies. Enjoy!

  1. 2021 Calendar – This calendar has been beloved by thousands. A colorful layout in landscape form with the ability to type right in the boxes.
  2. 2022 Calendar – Just like the 2021 calendar, but better! Now, you have the ability to choose Sunday or Monday start day and to have holidays displayed or not.
  3. Kids Chore Chart – This chore chart is perfect young children. It comes accompanied with chore icons with images that are easily embedded into the chore chart. Customize it to you and your children.
  4. WIFI Template – If you need to have your WIFI information easily accesible, then these templates are for you. Simply fill in your information, print, cut down to size and frame!
  5. Christmas Suduko – A fun spin on the traditional Suduko game. However, instead of finding missing numbers, guests will be looking for the letters that make up the word “snowflake”. 

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