Are you ready to take control of your website?

Stop meddling around and wasting time trying to figure out ALL the things. If you are ready for a step by step, dummies guide to building a website then you are in the right place.

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FREE Course Launching January 11, 2019

Have you been thinking about finally starting that blog you’ve been putting off for months? Or maybe you are looking to create a website for your online business. Either way NOW could not be a better time to do so!

Why Now? Well, it is not too often that you come across a completely FREE course that outlines everything for you. Plus, this course won’t be free forever. 

Seriously, no strings attached.
No paid program offer.
No upgrades.  

This is a full blown course on how to start a website for your blog or business the right way.

What’s Included?

How To Start a Blog

This consists of how to set up your domain name, get hosting and installing WordPress. The three essentials to get your website off the ground.

Overview of WordPress

A review of the backend of WordPress and how it works.


How to install plugins to your website and the essential plugins every site should have.

Website Themes

How to install both a free theme and paid theme.


How to set up Google Analytics to understand your website traffic.

Designing a Theme

In this section we review how to design both a free theme and a paid theme. We will work on resizing images and setting our logo and site icon.

About Me Page

We will discuss what makes an “About Me” page and review examples of some good about me pages.

Custom Email Set Up

Learn how to set up a custom email through a hosting provider.

Review of Email Marketing Provider

Learn about a free email marketing provider so that you can start collecting emails from day 1.

Email Opt-Ins

Review how to add different types of email opt-ins to your website.

Writing Blog Posts

How to write blog posts for your website.

How Blogs Make Money

Discussion on the different ways bloggers make money in the online space.

Are you ready to sign up? This course is filled with valuable information. All of the real information I wish I had when starting my website and blog.

And if I needed to remind you, the course is completely FREE.

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What to do in the Meantime?


There is PLENTY to do between today and launch day. Some things you can do RIGHT now include:

* Reading over the 20+ guide that will be sent to your email today
* Check out this blog post on how to start a blog.
* Sign up for hostingif you do not already have an account.

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