If you’re like me, then you enjoy a fun dance party with your kids. And the best part is that you get a little bit of exercise in for the day, too.

I am going to keep this post sweet, short and to the point. Check out some hot songs below to host an awesome dance party at home!

1.) The Goldfish Song

I absolutely love this song! It is actually one that we learned at a dance class and I just knew I had to find it.

2.) Baby Shark

With over 2 billion views on YouTube, you know I had to include Baby Shark. I avoided this song for as long as I could because it was so hyped up. BUT it is super easy to follow along and children love it.

3.) Five Little Monkeys

This oldie, but goodie song is a regular with us. It might not be as fun as some of the other songs, but we love jumping around and “falling” down!

4.) Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes

This is a great song for learning different body parts.

5.) Freeze Dance

Okay, I have to admit I wasn’t a huge fan of this song when I added it to the list. But I decided to go through all of these songs with my daughter and she kept asking me to replay this one. I knew then that this song deserved a spot on this list!

I think these songs are all what you put into them. To make up for the slow tempo, we make the “freezing” so fun.

6.) Shake Your Sillies Out

I love, love, love The Learning Station and you’ll find a few more songs from them on this list. While this song can be a little advanced for some toddlers, it is still so much fun!

7.) The Hokey Pokey

Just have fun with this one. Younger kids likely won’t know right and left, but it’s a great way to start getting them familiarized.

8.) Body Boogie

Who loves a good air guitar? ?‍♀️ This song is perfect! I might love this song even more than my daughter, but it is SO good!

9.) If You’re Happy & You Know It

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands ?.

10.) The Wheels on the Bus

Another oldie, but goodie. I picked this version because it seemed to be the closest to the traditional “Wheels on the Bus”.

11.) Get Funky

This song has a great beat and is so much fun to dance to! Get funky, do the monkey ?.

12.) There was a Crocodile

This song can be a little advanced for younger children, but they’ll have fun acting out the different animals.

13.) Chicken Dance

I was trying to find a version of the chicken dance to include and chose this one from GoNoodle. I love that they explain some of the movements in the video so that children can learn to follow along.

14.) Going on a Bear Hunt

This is a fun song to get kids to act out to. They’ll have fun swishing through tall grass and splashing through the water.

15.) Slippery Fish

This is a cute and fun song for kids to enjoy. There is a video on YouTube that shows a teacher going through the moves. You can check it out or come up with moves of your own!

Do you have any songs that your children just love? I would love to hear them below.

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