If you are looking for an easy to understand Chritstmas Scavenger for kids printable, this is perfect one! The images make it incredibly easy for young children to understand the items they are to be searching for.

To download, see the bottom of this post.


The images used for this printable are in beautiful watercolor prints and designed using professional software. All that is left to do is to simply print from your computer and enjoy!

Want to add a level of fun to the game? Here are a couple of ways to do just that:

  • Take the hunt outside (weather permitting, of course) or drive around and help the children locate outdoor decorations on the scavenger hunt.
  • Have the children take pictures of the items as they find them. We all know kids love to take our cameras and shoot pointless shots. Let them have some real life practice!

To download the CHRISTMAS SCAVENGER FOR KIDS PRINTABLE, click the button below.

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