This free April 2022 Calendar printable is available with both a Sunday and a Monday beginning. You may also choose to download with holidays or no holidays displayed, depending on your preference. The fourth month of the year, April, has 30 days and begins on a Friday this year.

There are no US federal holidays in April 2022.

This month the full moon is expected to appear on April 16th.

To download, click the download link under the April 2022 calendar you wish to print.

Printing the April 2022 Calendar

The calendar was created to have the design be printed to the edge of the paper. It will also print in size 8.5×11 (standard US letter size).

To print, print at “ACTUAL SIZE” with orientation set to “LANDSCAPE“. To achieve the borderless look (design that goes to edge of paper), choose the paper size: US Letter Borderless.

If this option does not automatically appear for your printer, you may be able to set this up using custom sizes. To do so, follow the below instructions.

How to Set Up Custom Sizes for Printer

Note: these settings will likely look different to yours, depending on your printer. And please keep in mind, not all printers give the ability to print borderless.

  1. Locate your page setup area for your printer.
  2. Under paper size, select “manage custom sizes” or similar verbiage.
  3. Click to add a custom size. View image 1 below to see what this may look like.
  4. Set the following settings (see image 2 below):
    • Paper size: 8.5×11
    • Non-Printable Area: User-defined
    • Enter all 0’s for the top, bottom, left and right.
Screenshot of how to add a custom paper size

Image 1: Add custom paper size

Image of how to set custom paper size settings

Image 2: Custom paper size settings

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Prefer to download the 2022 calendar year, in full? You may do so by clicking here.

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